Medical screening

Medical screening is a series of medical tests done at the Medical Classification Centre (MCC) at CMPB (location map).

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The screening will determine your medical fitness and this will affect the duration and type of Basic Military Training you will undergo, as well as the vocations you can be assigned to.

Here are the various PES gradings:

  • PES A: Fit for all combat vocations
  • PES B1: Fit for most combat vocations
  • PES B2: Fit for some combat vocations
  • PES BP: Fit for obese BMT training
  • PES C: Fit for combat support vocations
  • PES D: Temporary unfit for grading and pending further review
  • PES E: Fit for administrative duties only
  • PES F: Medically unfit for any form of service

Note that if you are given a PES D, it means that more time/tests are required to determine your medical fitness for NS. This normally takes about 2-3 months. However, this duration may be longer depending on your medical condition.

More information on Medical Classification Centre (NS Portal).

Commitment to Care

Want to find out more about the SAF medical system? Follow a recruit from his pre-enlistment medical examination to his encounters with the medical service during his BMT.